Don’t leave it to chance !


15th March 2011

Selecting a supplier , associate  or strategic  partner is not something  you  can  leave  to chance. The fact that many companies commit considerable time and expense to establishing  procurement  & supply chain structures  plus the rise in  appointments of purchasing and supply personnel   to  board level roles stands as testament to this. If  your business, reputation  and financial  performance becomes dependant on such arrangements you need to have  total confidence, not to mention influence and access,  in  those who can hold sway over  your own  success and be comfortable sharing information and confidences. Monolution  prides itself on its discretion , access and accountability, qualities that allow many competing  F1 teams to use our manufacturing expertise with the assurance  of total  confidentiality.  By the same token our  many Aerospace customers  are more than satisfied that we exercise appropriate  safeguards to protect the integrity  of any work we undertake on their behalf whilst still providing  transparency in the way we  operate. Ready access  to both information and key personnel is also a pre-requisite  of any  sustainable business relationship  and again  Monolution  is structured  to make both  available, not only on  demand but  pro- actively to  ensure  complete transparency  and provide full accountability. A shared ethos or common aims;  the ability to contribute  to product development , to enhance quality or performance  will also need to be factored into your choice as will the status, security of supply and longer term capabilities of those suppliers  you consider. A lasting successful relationship  is built on trust , shared values and  a clear understanding of the contribution each makes to the other.  Here at Monolution we are more than  ready to make  such a commitment,   so if you need sub contract machining you know where to come and won't have to leave it to chance.

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