High Precision 3D Engineering

Monolution is a young dynamic company, rapidly building a reputation for employing imaginative precision CNC machining strategies that deliver outstanding quality, radically reduced lead times and provide cost effective solutions for all your precision CNC machining challenges. With the flexibility and responsiveness of a true 24/7 customer focused organization, Monolution offers a complete service for your manufacturing requirements.

Cutting Edge Technology

Monolution 3D are specialists in:

  • CNC 3D Machining
  • 5 Axis Machining
  • Composite Tooling
  • Patterns
  • Prototype Parts
  • Jigs & Fixtures
  • Mould Tools
  • Mould Polishing
  • Precision Components
  • Design Capabilities
  • Wind Tunnel Models
  • Electroform Mandrels

CNC 3D Machining

CNC Prismatic 3D machining has been established since the 1970’s however it continues to evolve with each new machine tool development, cutting tool advance and imaginative application. Here at Monolution we practice, not preach, true lean manufacturing, utilising the latest state of the art technologies placed in the skilled hands of an experienced team of engineers and craftsmen. Practical experience using modern 3 & 5 Axis machining centres enables us to use inventive methods of work holding and optimised tooling to compress lead times to a minimum.

Real Time Machining

Our Real Time Machining stations rapidly convert the CAD data models into accurate and efficient tool paths using the comprehensive selection of cutting tools stored ready in the machines ATC carousel.

Whether it’s epoxy, foam or tooling boards for patterns, models or soft tools; Aluminium for moulds, tooling or components, steel for parts and fixtures, we can efficiently machine it. Stainless, nimonics and other more exotic materials are also catered for as is copper, carbon, plastics and composites. CNC 3D machining is the application of technology with the addition of skill many have one but few have both. Contact us or learn about the Precision engineering markets we operate in and our Production Plant list.


  • Increase market share
  • Continue CAPEX programme
  • Develop strategic partnerships with a select number of customers
  • Focus on customer issues
  • Continue to grow approval list
  • Continue to be pro-active in approach to cost down drivers
  • Work together to reduce cost and lead time
  • Senior level participation and communication

5-Axis Machining

Our extensive experience in all types of 3 & 5 Axis machining enables us to apply many innovative and novel precision CNC machining techniques which maximise the benefits and utilise the advantages often only available when a true 5 axis approach is taken.

Increasingly, modern CAD design is using 5 axis technology and 3D machining models to optimise part design and minimise material content. Many examples of multiple compound angles, parabolic surfaces and NURBS forms now exist not only in the high tech industries but also in a growing range of everyday products.

However, it is not only the capability to produce these complex shapes that is offered by 5 axis machining; there are other significant reasons to pursue the 5 axis route. These range from higher quality in the form of relational & positional accuracy, true to surface features and improved surface finishes through to a reduced number of set-up’s & enhanced tool life. The net result is a gain in efficiency, shorter lead times and the active promotion of lean manufacturing.

Many 3 and 4 axis jobs can be improved upon with a 5 axis machine, but no genuine 5 axis, be it component or tool, can ever be accurately produced with just 4 axes.

Sectors Precision Engineering Markets

Supplying a number of market sectors including:
  • Automotive, F1 and Motorsport
  • Aerospace
  • Medical
Working with you to facilitate many varied issues such as:
  • Cost down drivers
  • Reducing lead times
  • Applied Technology
  • Minimal Overheads
  • Lean Manufacturing
Quality of Product:
  • Right first time, on time, every time
  • Recognised Quality systems
On time delivery:
  • Realistic forecast
  • 24/7 response flexibility
A philosophy of Strategic Partnership:
  • To better understand each others organisational needs
  • To be both re-active and pro-active
  • To acknowledge customer / supplier expectations

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