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Focus on Five

23rd September 2011

In 2008, having recognised an underlying demand, Monolution took the bold step to invest in their first CNC machining centre and have not looked back since. Now just three years on, 70% of all orders passing through the shop demand or benefit from the application of true 5 axis  technology.  In response to this welcome […]

Very few, if any enlightened Buyers or Purchase Manager’s are likely to place orders solely on price, especially in the competitive area of sub-contract machining. Quality, lead time and confidence in the supplier are all significant considerations that influence that all important decision. However, sometimes those same purchasers can be tempted to turn away from […]

All modern manufacturing employs some form of methodology to achieve or maintain commercial advantage. It  can take many forms;  Kaizen, 6 sigma, 3M or the all encompassing  “continuous improvement”  but put most succinctly,  it is simply how to make something  better for less. Continuous improvement, as envisaged within ISO 9001, is a based on the […]

“the most significant factor in the successful application of 5 axis technology is the machining strategies that are employed to exploit it”

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