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Code Words

21st October 2011

With the inexorable shift to digital data and electronic communication the whole process of enquiry, quotation, order placement & fulfilment has been significantly foreshortened. CAD Data models are now the common currency of manufacturing and the ability to accept component dimensional & geometrical  information in the more  common  digital  formats, e.g. DXF, IGES, STEP, Parasolids,  […]

Focus on Five

23rd September 2011

In 2008, having recognised an underlying demand, Monolution took the bold step to invest in their first CNC machining centre and have not looked back since. Now just three years on, 70% of all orders passing through the shop demand or benefit from the application of true 5 axis  technology.  In response to this welcome […]

Taking out appropriate insurance is part of our normal Holiday planning so why should this not be the case for business; illness or loss essential items can have devastating effects,  not just for those away but equally for the businesses left behind. It’s that time of year again, it may be cold and wet outside […]

Very few, if any enlightened Buyers or Purchase Manager’s are likely to place orders solely on price, especially in the competitive area of sub-contract machining. Quality, lead time and confidence in the supplier are all significant considerations that influence that all important decision. However, sometimes those same purchasers can be tempted to turn away from […]

Help wanted ?

4th May 2011

The recent good news about the UK economy’s return to growth, spearheaded by the manufacturing sector is certainly very welcome.  However many knowledgeable  voices are warning that there is a significant risk of this upturn  stalling because of an acute shortage of skilled  staff and appropriate resource capacity.  You don’t have to look far for […]

Why, you may ask is Monolution any different from all those other Sub-contract machining companies that seek your business and why is it that they out perform those rivals in virtually every way. The answer cannot solely be the use of the latest multi axis machining technology, although Monolution have continued to invest in additional […]

The race begins

1st February 2011

With  this year’s  F1 testing  season   starting today  we are gearing up for  another busy quarter as the various teams transfer the latest ideas and design concepts  from the computer simulation and wind tunnel  modelling to physical performance measuring and real time track data collection. The resulting analysis, perhaps the most significant influences on any […]

Crossing Over

16th January 2011

This last week has seen both the London  Boat Show  at the ExCel Centre and the  Motorsports International at the NEC  highlighting new  “clean” technologies  with a considerable amount of crossover  between these apparently  disparate sectors . This is equally applicable to Aerospace, Defence  and other key UK industries  and includes not just fuel & […]

More Scope, More Capacity

29th October 2010

Monolution is now operating 10 CNC machines 24/7 including for the first time, in-house 2 & 3 axis turning – see below for details • Additional 5 axis capacity Continued success and forecast increases in demand for our 5 axis machining services have led to yet more investment . In September 2010 we will take […]

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