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Taking Stock

25th November 2011

To be truly responsive, a sub contract facility needs to have a high level of autonomy; if we were dependent on a third party to supply essential materials or tooling then our ability to respond quickly to an urgent requirement could be significantly compromised. To provide a higher level of independence and thus a greater […]

Believed to have migrated from the  space programmes  of  the 1980’s the now obligatory  ” Mission Statement ”  has been adopted by almost all of today’s  companies and organisations to proclaim their purpose, aspirations and values. To be effective,  a mission statement must  be a declaration of intent,  provide direction and identity; in short a […]

Why, you may ask is Monolution any different from all those other Sub-contract machining companies that seek your business and why is it that they out perform those rivals in virtually every way. The answer cannot solely be the use of the latest multi axis machining technology, although Monolution have continued to invest in additional […]

The race begins

1st February 2011

With  this year’s  F1 testing  season   starting today  we are gearing up for  another busy quarter as the various teams transfer the latest ideas and design concepts  from the computer simulation and wind tunnel  modelling to physical performance measuring and real time track data collection. The resulting analysis, perhaps the most significant influences on any […]

A shinning example

29th November 2010

  Highly polished but deeply scratched is something of a truism amongst the skilled hand polishers especially when referring to modern mechanical polishing outcomes. Hand finishing and progressive polishing is much more than just getting a nice shine on a part or hiding an unwanted blemish. For a number of years, due mainly to improvements […]

Its good to talk

5th September 2010

The changing nature of Business to Business relationships has brought about a more open approach and expanded the need for communications between suppliers and their customers. Formal supply chain principles demand clarity within an organisation as to its structure and operation whilst partnering agreements need to avoid conflicts of interests and confidentiality issues. Monolution has […]

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