Turning convention on its head.


1st March 2011

unconventional All modern manufacturing employs some form of methodology to achieve or maintain commercial advantage. It  can take many forms;  Kaizen, 6 sigma, 3M or the all encompassing  "continuous improvement"  but put most succinctly,  it is simply how to make something  better for less. Continuous improvement, as envisaged within ISO 9001, is a based on the holistic approach within the  overall business activity whereas,  for example, one-hit machining  or rapid prototyping focuses on the  discrete  elements within a conversion  process . Both considerations are vital to the longer term success of any enterprise but the scope can vary depending on the type of business. Product based manufacturing  companies often have the advantage of design control, which can provide a significant source for change and improvement  as they are  able to encompass all the contributory  elements  not just the processes used but also the   materials, tolerances or even  complete technologies.  Added to this is the greater degree of certainty that derives from the control of the product or process life cycle. Non- repetitive  sub contract manufacturing by comparison, has a somewhat narrower  window of opportunity  and has to achieve ongoing improvements  through process optimisation and targeted deliverables which match the industry sectors in which they operate. This often means  adopting a non conventional approach, exercising some lateral thinking  or making  more inventive  use of existing manufacturing technologies, something that  Monolution  has  successfully achieved in the 3D machining and 5 axis applications.  Innovation is the key , challenging the perceived wisdoms and turning conventional thinking on its head  is what  provides the opportunity  for improvement  in progressive sub-contractors. Monolution being  such  a company,  constantly utilises  its expertise  to remain at the forefront of sub contract machining  by ensuring  we never stand still and embraces  those  changes that offer us and our customers that  commercial advantage so necessary for  success  in today's  highly competitive markets.

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