Holiday insurance – we’ve got it covered …


15th June 2011

holiday time Taking out appropriate insurance is part of our normal Holiday planning so why should this not be the case for business; illness or loss essential items can have devastating effects,  not just for those away but equally for the businesses left behind. It's that time of year again, it may be cold and wet outside but we are well and truly into the "holiday" season. For many companies the next few months will present a difficult time as  key personnel take annual holiday. In the past, cover was provided by other staff members but as the majority of  manufacturers have had to reduce manning levels to survive the current economic downturn, this now means that such contingency options are often limited.  If illness or other unexpected events then prevent those people providing the cover from being at work  this can become  a major cause of disruption in critical areas. In the last few years some forward thinking manufacturers have taken the bold step of pre-arranging standby sub-contract machining capacity to cover this eventuality and thereby minimise such risk to production during this period. Monolution have been chosen by many of them to provide this short term support. As this is also the time that companies undertake annual plant maintenance, move equipment or undertake site refurbishment, it could also be prudent to have a back up plan in case such work overruns. If your CNC machining capacity is suddenly reduced by an unexpected breakdown or if planned maintenance reveals the need for  additional  spare parts that are not immediately available then having an alternative source for high quality machining is a useful safeguard.

Talk to Monolution about our sub-contract machining services now,  so that when the time comes  you can relax & enjoy your holidays knowing you're fully covered!

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