Our mission , should you choose to accept it …


1st June 2011

Believed to have migrated from the  space programmes  of  the 1980's the now obligatory  " Mission Statement "  has been adopted by almost all of today's  companies and organisations to proclaim their purpose, aspirations and values. To be effective,  a mission statement must  be a declaration of intent,  provide direction and identity; in short a focus for all those associated with the enterprise. It should serve as a reminder to  directors &  staff, a reference for customers and suppliers and a  warning to your competitors. Not only should the mission statement clearly identify what  the organisation exists to do  but also why and for whom.  Setting out clear objectives, establishing priorities and defining the philosophy that underpins the whole organisation are key factors that define the scope and application of your business. We  believe our mission statement meets these objectives,  but judge for yourselves:- Monolution exists to provide a bespoke service to customers that need a quality driven, responsive partner who can deliver effective solutions to meet even their most challenging machining requirements. Monolution is determined to become the supplier of choice for Aerospace, Automotive and other precision components, tooling, prototypes and development models through continual improvement and by :-

  • Utilizing the latest technologies and cutting techniques in highly imaginative and efficient ways.
  • Being customer facing with total quality assurance through closely managed processes and well defined procedures.
  • Being flexible in our approach yet disciplined in our application.
  • Demonstrating reliability and consistent on-time delivery.
  • Being a future focussed, well managed, secure and sustainable business
A dynamic business  should not consider the " Mission Statement"  to be immutable,  but should review and adjusted it, as with any other element of the organisation, as it grows and develops  -  so watch this space!

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