Summer Update


26th August 2011

We were fortunate to start the year with a very full order book which only got bigger during the first quarter. We had then expected thing s to quiet down a little,  slackening   towards the end of the second quarter, as in previous years . We could not have been more wrong; demand  actually grew  during this period as a number of new customers, discovering  our outstanding  level of expertise and service on initial projects, upped their subsequent order levels in response. This has prompted us to bring forward  our planned  capital  investment  programme to providing additional capacity in the  third quarter  so we  can maintain our enviable reputation for prompt and accurate delivery times. This decision was made easier as we have now fully implemented  our Progress Plus system giving  us a  highly accurate  view of  work in progress, the status of  outstanding  orders  and enabling  us to use truly optimised  capacity planning.  Performance data and trend analysis generated by the system helped identify the correct  type and timing for this investment. But It's not only investment in new machines that we identified, we also recognised the need to cultivate a skilled and adaptive workforce. We therefore took on an additional apprentice, we now have three at various stages of their training, in addition to attracting  more experienced CNC machinist to strengthen our establish team. We are convinced that taking these important steps now  is in both our own best interest and those of our customers. We  hope it is seen as a measure of our commitment to maintaining our position as the Sub contract Machining specialist of choice for a growing number of you. Were here to help and were definitely here to stay!

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