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Taking Stock

To be truly responsive, a sub contract facility needs to have a high level of autonomy; if we were dependent on a third party to supply essential materials or tooling then our ability to respond quickly to an urgent requirement could be significantly compromised. To provide a higher level of independence and thus a greater ability to react quickly Monolution have initiated an extended Material stocking policy and an automated tool management system.

Now holding extensive stocks of cast 5083, 2014 & 7075 aluminium, TB 650 tooling block & Epoxy EP 678, most of the urgent orders received can be serviced from our own in house resources, reducing or eliminating the normal lead time for these common materials. Rationalisation and pro-active tool management ensures that we seldom need additional tool holders or inserts and our creative work holding techniques avoid the need for special fixtures or complex set-ups. Without complete & comprehensive documentation even these measures will not allow a timely delivery. Our dynamic real time Progress Plus production management system, which is fully integrated with both the commercial and Quality systems, ensures it all comes together and avoids those commonly cited “administrative” delays.

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